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 Read more. Read well.

In Well-Read Mom, women read more and read well. Our hope is to deepen the awareness of meaning hidden in each woman's daily life, elevate the cultural conversation, and revitalize reading literature from books.

Well-Read Mom accompanies women in the reading of great books and spiritual classics to encourage personal growth, friendship, and meaningful conversations in order to explore the human condition and reorient ourselves to what is good, beautiful, and true.

Learn more about our story and join us on the path
to read more, and to read well: The WRM Journey.

Books that push, provoke, and inspire

From My Antonia by American author Willa Cather to
Anna Karenina by the Russian giant Leo Tolstoy, our book picks span genres.
We read books that push, provoke, and inspire us to dive deeper into the plots of our own lives. Great writers become dear friends and we find ourselves seeing reality
through their eyes, imbued with their insights.

We organize our reading by yearly themes. The selected books are loosely inspired by this theme.
On our Books page you can see and purchase the current ones we’re diving into.

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