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Well-Read Family Companion

Well-Read Mom’s Guide to Bringing the Great Books into Your Home

At Well-Read Mom, our passion continues to be helping women make space for reading and reflection in their daily lives. But many of our moms have asked for resources to introduce their families to the same kind of thoughtful reading. 

 The Well-Read Family Companion suggests novels and picture books each month that your children can read alongside our Year of the Artist Well-Read Mom picks. Most older elementary school and early middle school students will be able to read these novels independently; our picture books are generally short enough for bedtime stories.

Each month, you’ll find resources to help you have meaningful conversations with your family about some of the most important ideas from the Year of the Artist:

  • A short description of the big ideas linking The Well-Read Family Companion with what you’re discussing in your Well-Read Mom group

  • A summary of each novel and picture book so you can have discussions with your children whether or not you read the extra book—we encourage you to make your own Well-Read Mom reading your priority

  • The same kinds of prodding discussion questions you’ve come to expect from Well-Read Mom about each novel and picture book

  • Suggested novels and picture books for more reading

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