Family Supplement Introduction
with Charity Hill and Marcie Stokman

Highlights of the Audio Include:
3:55 – October- “Sense and Sensibility”: Older Child selection is “Little Women.” Taking that part of the theme that embraces the differences amongst siblings or our relationships.  What is my role in my family as a sister?

6:11 - November – “Antigone”: Older Child selection is “The Witch of Blackbird pond “. To choose what is right even when it's hard.

9:07 Younger Child selection of “The Brave Young Knight.” To develop a sense of moral character and independent identity.

11:38 - Younger Child selection of “Penny and Her Marble.”  Freedom is found when one does something “good”.

12:51 - December – “The Way of Perfection”: Older Child selection is “The Hidden Treasure of Glaston.” These stories explore the notion of contemplation or monasticism in the Medieval time period.

15:27 – Younger Child selection of “The Holy Twins.” A life dedicated to God with fraternal charity, detachment from the world and humility.

Charity Hill has valued children’s literature since she was old enough to sit upright beside her mother. She has a BA in English from the University of Dallas and a Masters degree from Pontifical John Paul II Institute. She has facilitated a Well-Read Mom group since 2016. Together with her four children, Charity marvels at reality. She ponders the role literature plays as a way to mother her children toward maturity. 


We are inviting our children into something we are doing. These thoughtful choices of children’s books coincide with the themes we are reading.

The Well-Read Family Companion suggests novels and picture books each month that your children can read alongside our Year of the Sister Well-Read Mom picks. Most older elementary school and early middle school students will be able to read these novels independently; our picture books are generally short enough for bedtime stories.

Each month, you’ll find resources to help you have meaningful conversations with your family about some of the most important ideas from the Year of the Sister:
         ● A short description of the big ideas linking The Well-Read Family Companion with
               what you’re discussing in your Well-Read Mom group
            ● A summary of each novel and picture book so you can have discussions with your
               children whether or not you read the extra book—we encourage you to make your
               own Well-Read Mom reading your priority
            ● The same kinds of prodding discussion questions you’ve come to expect from Well-
                Read Mom about each novel and picture book
            ● Suggested novels and picture books for more reading

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