Here’s What Membership Includes

We want all women who participate in Well-Read Mom to enjoy our beautiful materials. When you join WRM, you’re not just purchasing a product, you’re joining and supporting a movement of women who want to Read more. Read well.

Because we are funded through membership, we ask that each woman that participates purchase her own materials. The membership cost covers most of the expenses in running Well-Read Mom.

Using the materials makes it easy to be part of a group. Women who consistently use the materials tell us they have a richer experience of Well-Read Mom and are more connected to our mission.

Materials include:

  • The Reading Companion - enhanced workbook format - with author biographies, book reflections, discussion questions, literary criticism, reading log and space to record your favorite quotes and burning questions, and notes from your meeting. You’ll also find recommendations for what to read if you can’t read the whole book.

  • The monthly audio resources to enrich your reading and group discussion. Audios include an introduction to each book that explains why it was chosen and what to look for in your reading. (Even if you miss the meeting, all members have access to listen to the audios on their own.)

  • Ongoing access to members-only features and bonus materials such as interviews, articles, and videos to help us go deeper into the year’s selections.

  • Inspiring and encouraging members-only podcasts on our favorite themes such as restorative leisure, nurturing a mother’s heart, how to find more time to read and the relationship between reading great books and affecting a culture change.

  • A beautiful bookmark with the year’s artwork and booklist

  • Access to previous years’ themes and booklists

  • Optional text messages notifications to your phone to help you access the monthly audios and podcasts

Membership costs less than $3.50 a month. The more women that register, the more the costs of running a non-profit are spread out among many women. All of the time Founder Marcie Stokman gives to Well-Read Mom is donated. Membership funds pay for website design, database and email services, printing, mailing, part-time staffing, and other business expenses.

All of the Well-Read Mom materials are copyrighted. There is no duplicating or sharing of materials allowed. Well-Read Mom requires that each woman purchase her own materials, and as such we do not permit the sharing of study materials (such as two women sharing the Companion or sharing website usernames and passwords).