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End of Year Giving

Donations of any amount will receive the year-end Newsletter and summer audio bundle!

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Thank you!

As part of the Well-Read Mom family, we appreciate your support. By becoming a member, you didn’t just get materials for a book club, you joined a community of women who are reading more and reading well. Your membership is allowing us to continue providing this community with thoughtful, enriching materials and has made it possible for us to connect with even more women. This grassroots initiative has the potential to not only help women in their personal formation, but to impact our culture in powerful ways.  

“When we pray we speak to God; but when we read, God speaks to us.” – St. Jerome

Through your continued membership support:

  • We have hundreds of groups in over 45 states, and in 10 different countries. We have a community of nearly 1,500 women helping each other to grow through reading.
  • We are piloting four international Sister Groups by pairing Well-Read Mom groups in the U.S. with groups in other countries that need assistance in getting and paying for materials.

We are also finding new ways to expand and better reach women throughout the world:

  • We will be updating our website this spring to give members new and better services. Among other things, with an updated website we will be better able to help members register, buy books, find Well-Read Mom groups in their area, communicate with their group members, have multiple payment options, and access audios.

As you see, we have been very blessed with your membership support. Please, as we come to the end of our Year of the Friend, consider supporting us even more with a tax-deductible gift. Your donation will go towards our website upgrade and will help spread our message and mission worldwide.

Send your donation by May 31st and we’ll include you in our mailing of the year-end Newsletter and summer audio bundle which will be going out to members in June

Thank you once again for your support, and happy reading!