Awakening the Moral Imagination, Awakening the Culture, Part 2

Janel LewandowskiYear of the Contemplative

by Marcie Stokman I once heard about a pastor and his wife who studied theology and read the Bible every day. After listening to a talk on the importance of literature as a method for communicating the faith, they were intrigued and began reading C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. At one point, the wife stopped her husband’s reading and exclaimed, “Tom, something has been missing from our lives, and it is the imagination!” In this brief anecdote, we see a woman who has discovered the fascinating connection between reading good literature and understanding deeper realities. I have no doubt that reading literature did not supplant her reading and meditating on God’s Living Word, the greatest literature of all time! But when we read works of literature, not only do we strengthen our imaginative muscle, but we also learn truths that are powerfully conveyed through story. Robert Houston Smith writes, “When functioning as it should… imagination is the most important means by which higher truths can be communicated.” One could argue that TV and film exercise the imagination, however, awakening the imagination via good literature is an entirely different experience from sitting passively in front of images streaming in from a … Read More