A New Way to Wait

Janel LewandowskiYear of the Contemplative

For our family, the past three months have been a time that we’ve had less opportunity to spend time with my husband, Jim, because he has been on his busiest work rotation. On the very last day of his rotation, we were waiting for Jim to return from work before starting dinner. As we waited that day, he kept on getting delayed. All of us were tired from the day and hungry for dinner (also a bit crabby).   A recent conversation with my friend Marta kept coming to mind. After two months of not having dinner with her husband, she said, “I realized that the very experience of not being able to spend so much time together makes this waiting for another real. Instead of distracting my son from the fact that my husband is not around, this can be the starting point to show and experience what waiting is.” Marta’s words kept coming to mind, however, and challenged me to live that evening differently and to encourage my kids to do so too. So as our expected dinner hour came and went and my daughter Lia asked why we were not eating, I told her that yes, it … Read More