Marcie Stokman knows the obstacles and ache of women running on empty, isolated, longing for a break. More than ever women today yearn for deep connections, true leisure, and a sense of meaning and purpose. Her book, The Well-Read Mom, is a response to that need: We need to Read More. Read Well. Together.

With honesty, humor and encouragement, Marcie shares how a desire to read great literature and make meaningful connections became the catalyst for the Well-Read Mom (WRM) international book club and movement. WRM is restoring the hearts of women and awakening a cultural revolution beginning with the hearts and homes of mothers across the world.


Be inspired by the story of Marcie's Well-Read Mom book club, the movement helping women read deeply.

Be persuaded by the research that reading transforms our parenting, moral imaginations, friendships and more.

Be encouraged that it is possible to create a reading practice in your own life. Let Marcie show you how and even give you the reading lists that have inspired Well-Read Moms over the years.

Join the movement and cultural awakening: The Well-Read Mom: Read More. Read Well.

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Marcie Stokman is founder and president of the international movement and book club the Well-Read Mom (WRM). With a passion for reading and motherhood, she writes and speaks to encourage women in a world of rising isolation, loneliness, and mental health issues. Through the power of reading together and reading well, Well-Read Moms across the country are finding friendships, meaning, and true leisure. Connecting on a deeper level and serving others in their search for purpose is Marcie’s passion. 

Marcie has a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Nebraska, Kearney and Masters in Psychology from the Adler Institute in Chicago. As a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) in mental health, Marcie founded the Family Consulting Services at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, which continues to operate today, providing individual marriage and family counseling. She co-founded Frameworks, a workshop series for teachers, nurses, and the broader community on healthy lifestyle strategies and mindset habits. 

Speaking and leadership credits include the Minnesota Association of Catholic Homeschooling Educators Conference (MACHE), the annual WRM conferences at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as numerous organizations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, New York, DesMoines, Denver, Sacramento and smaller cities across the United States and Canada.


Well-Read Mom hosts events at The New York Encounter, a free cultural event held in the heart of New York City each year. Discussions have delved into C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, Karol Wojtyla's The Jeweler's Shop, and Manzoni's The Betrothed. In 2018, Marcie facilitated a panel discussion called “An Epidemic of Loneliness.” 

Marcie’s passion for the power of deep reading to transform lives and communities is central to her concerns and activism. Her training as a clinical nurse practitioner in mental health gives her a keen ear for listening and engaging in problem-solving and encouraging women in finding their passion and purpose. As an author, national speaker and panel facilitator, she seeks to awaken the best in women and families; re-vitalizing our culture through her mission to support more women to Read More and Read Well

As a homeschool mom for twenty-five years, Marcie co-founded a classical co-op for high school students, bringing families together to support each other in their vision for excellence in education and seeking truth, beauty and goodness through the Western classical tradition. Marcie and her husband Peter have seven children and eleven grandchildren and reside in Crosby, Minnesota. 

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