“My Shawl” by Well-Read Mom Charlotte Ostermann

Janel LewandowskiYear of the Contemplative

The following poem is reprinted from the Well-Read Mom ‘Year of the Mother’ Journal. 

My Shawl
by Charlotte Ostermann

I sit and knit a shawl to warm my soul
When winds begin to howl and darkness falls,
To weave, to tie, to join and be made whole —
My life’s work bundled here within these walls.
As back and forth my fingers ply their trade
And prayers are woven into cloth with dreams
My soul is not confined, nor thoughts constrained
But freed to fly by hands content with seams.

This seeming smallness of my daily world,
The tiny stitches of a humble life,
Will add up to my glory by God’s grace
When at time’s end my knitting is unfurled
And all my works as woman, mother, wife
Have made a home for me before His face.

Charlotte Ostermann is a speaker and author of Souls at Rest. She lives on a ‘farm wannabe’ near Lawrence, Kansas.

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