Beauty and Truth in Sorrow – Part 1

Mary TeckYear of the Pilgrim

The following selection of poetry was written by Well-Read Mom member Josephine Corr-Elsenpeter, from her larger collection of poems entitled “Beauty and Truth in Sorrow”. They are posted now in honor of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss day, on October 15th. A second selection will be posted next week.

The Cup

The precious gift you sent to me

Was wrapped in swaddled pink


Her lips were sealed in quiet adieu

The cup of sin she would not drink


Her eyes were shut in peaceful sleep

Carnal desires were not bequeathed


Her heart laid still within her chest

Warm from the womb that paired as her tomb


This wholesome cup of suffering from which I was chosen to drink


Was the ultimate paradox of life and death

For which I was forced to think


This was sin at its worst

For the devil a succulent taste of Hell


And salvation at its finest

For Jesus wanted to pass but did drink His cup well



Avoiding the unavoidable

Discussion of death

Of the long-awaited daughter

The day is coming

The day will pass

Few will be wiser

Fewer still know what to say


darting eyes, fidgety self

alluding to the day

awkwardly twirling topics

better days, happier ways, counting blessings, ignoring heartstrings

evading the what may have been


Skirting the issue

Is too easy for you

You must be on your way

This burden is mine


uncomfortable, unsettling, woeful


To carry the memory

Of the long-awaited daughter

Whose first breath was none but death

Forever tarnishes

The life I dared call my own

This burden I must carry alone



Feet tread the earth

And lungs breath the air

But there’s a place I’d rather be

For everything separates you from me


A day seems a thousand years

Bearing the weight of the world

A pregnant pause drawing you in

Invites hope to begin


The hope of seeing you again

Yet as the first time

And all those who’ve gone before

Lives abruptly ended evermore


Warm tar throughout the day

Seldom seems to harden or soften either way

Chores to be done; a night full of rest

All to begin it again


That moment of encapsulated hope

Is just enough to help me cope


Josephine Corr-Elsenpeter, a native of Iowa,  lives in the Brainerd Lakes Area with her husband and children. After 20 years of homeschooling their four boys, she has rediscovered her love for painting and has discovered a hidden talent for writing, that she does not want to put under a basket. She enjoys her Catholic faith, family, anything outdoors, reading, and her female Golden Retriever.