Beauty in Truth and Sorrow – Part 2

Mary TeckYear of the Pilgrim

Last week we shared three poems by Josephine Corr-Elsenpeter, about the loss of a pregnancy. Today we continue to reflect on the beauty and pain of loss with two more selections of poetry. Thank you Josephine for sharing your beautiful writing with the Well-Read Mom Community!



There is a stirring in my heart

I do not know how to get it out

I trust my honest arid prayer

Does some good for some one some where

I long to share Your mercy, humor, and grace

That is here deep down beyond this saddened face

I feel the urgency, but wait by the hour

For you to unleash your unknown power

Let this life be not a waste

But if it comes to end in haste

Let me abide with dear desolation

And give to others your sweet consolation


Why did I cry

Why did I cry

When my sweet child died?

The most natural and certain event in life

Is death

We celebrate life, it brings such joy

When we know

It will not always be so

Life has sunshine and rain

Sorrow and pain

We struggle and toil for years on end

Smiling with pleasure

Wincing with pain

When the end draws near

We’re never the wiser

Whether sudden or lingering

Death draws its first breath

Crushing the hearts of those it has left

Crushing the heart of whom it has left


Josephine Corr-Elsenpeter, a native of Iowa,  lives in the Brainerd Lakes Area with her husband and children. After 20 years of homeschooling their four boys, she has rediscovered her love for painting and has discovered a hidden talent for writing, that she does not want to put under a basket. She enjoys her Catholic faith, family, anything outdoors, reading, and her female Golden Retriever.