NadineYear of the Pilgrim

By Jo-C Elsenpeter

I have always rejoiced in the beauty of God’s creation in the world. Today I rejoiced in those things in the parts that are not full of beauty in the eyes of the world, but are full of everlasting beauty in the eyes of its Creator.

Take, for example, the majestic trees of the forest, even the aspiring sapling, and how they are humiliated by winter’s effect. Reducing their grandeur to mere emaciated branches that somehow still can bear the weight of Winter’s white, sparkling shapes. They bow down, gracefully accepting their breach of duty as Breath of Winter exhales her beauty. Until Spring Wind, Scamper Squirrel, then Turning Temperature disrupt Winter’s Whirl to bring about rebirth. Humbled no more, remembering their place in The Plan, Tree and now Young Yearling remember their purpose. Perking up toward Heaven, searching, reaching, sprawling across space, pronouncing a new Springtime, even more glorious than the previous!

Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find mercy in the sight of God. For great is the power of the Lord; by the humble he is glorified. (Sir. 3:18-20) Whichever sapling, yearling, or tree I am in the forest, let others become more than I, provided that I may become what I should.


Josephine Corr-Elsenpeter is a wife and mother, writing from the Brainerd Lakes area in northern Minnesota.

This piece was originally published in the ‘Year of the Spouse’ Journal.

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